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    Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator
    Successfully Developed within 16 weeks
Our Skils
  • CAD Handling Skills 70
  • Product Design and Engineering 98
  • Dimensional Management 75
  • Knowledge Based Engineering 90
  • Tool and Fixture Design 70
  • Website Development 85
  • Android Development 65
Other Services
We can also

Valve Engineering

We are domestic industrial valve company whose expertise is the design and manufacture of process critical valves.

Reverse Engineering

In the absence of any old documnets about your well proven products, from your physical sample Kalson team can Help ypu to developed all those vital documents , such as, 2D Drawings, 3D models, Parts Drawings, GA Drawings, Manufacturing drawings and validation documents.


Faster turnaround time in drawings convertion to 2D and 3D make our clients pass on many of their inhouse work to outsource from us.

Our Clients
Several brands