New Product Development

NPD Mechanical/ Electro-Mechanical Solutions

In the increasingly competitive scenario, engineering companies are challenged to bring reliable, feature-rich products at competitive prices and with the least development lead time. To address these issues and enable customers to realize their goals, we offer NPD Mechanical/Electro-Mechanical (NPD-M/EM) solutions across Valve Automaton Industry. These solutions span the complete product lifecycle, from ideation through design to prototyping, manufacturing support, sustaining beyond production and end-of-life services.

Client Challenges
  • Development of innovative products while adapting to new technology trends
  • Introduction of new products within shorter time frames
  • Need for rapid evaluation of product designs through virtual prototyping
  • Adherance to regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Optimization of product performance and reduced product development costs
What We Provides
Product Design & Development : Kalson's Product Design Solutions help customers in the following:
  • Conceptualization : Product ideation, converting marketing requirements into product concepts, product styling or applying packaging criteria
  • Preliminary Design : Feasibility studies, use of DFM, DFA and DFMEA techniques to optimize and validate designs, value engineering and virtual simulation
  • Detailed Design : Expertise across mechanical, electrical and electronic domains is leveraged upon for modeling, simulation and actual implementation for the components, subsystems or complete product
  • Rapid Prototyping : Ensuring the manufacture of components and prototypes according to the required specifications using SLA, FDM and SLS techniques.Our alliances can develop and test the physical prototypes, which then undergo a rigorous V&V and conformance certification processes.
  • Tooling Development : Ensuring First time right of the manufacture of Patterns and Dies optimized for reduced part weight and longer die life using mold flow analysis tools with our alliances.
  • Testing & Validation : Ensuring product meet and exceed industry standrad by designing a test program and runing the product through extensive validaton cycle.
Business Value
  • Improved innovation and product management
  • Reduced product development cycle time and cost
  • Increased profitability and market share
  • Enhanced product performance and functionalities
  • Quicker response to market changes

Latest Works

Ideation Projects
  • Compact Scotch Yoke Actautors
  • Next Gen Electric Actuators
  • Electro-hydraulic Actuator
  • Triple Offset Valves
  • Soft Seated Gate Valves
  • Rising Stem Ball Valve
  • Integrated Ball Valve
  • Metal Seated Trunion mounted Ball Valves
  • Desuperheater
  • Severe Service Control Valves
  • Air Operated Diaphragm (AOD)pumps
  • Peristalitic Hose pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps